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Registered genetic counsellors and a group of clinicians with extensive experience in the application of genetic testing are actively involved in professional development through CPD-accredited workshops and one-on-one training of healthcare practitioners. These activities have already empowered numerous healthcare practitioners to not only provide guidance on the appropriateness of genetic testing to the public, but also to remain involved with the implementation phase following genetic testing.

For more information about the appropriateness of genetic testing or the test procedure please feel free to contact any member of the support team listed here or e-mail for assistance.

The following steps are required to request a test online:

1) REGISTER ONLINE: Register / Login with your unique password at by choosing the option "Registered Healthcare Practitioner". Please provide your practice number. Clients who register as a “Member of the Public” will be required to provide the name and e-mail address of the referring clinician or a genetic counsellor (may use 

2) REQUEST A GENETIC SERVICE ONLINE: Click the button "Request a Service" and choose the required GeneSreen or request genetic counselling online if the patient requires more information.

3) PROVIDE THE NECESSARY INFORMATION: Under Service Options, select the required test type in the first line of the online form and complete the screens for the patient as far as possible. If the patient does not have an email address please provide your practice email address. Some of the pathology results may not be available at the time when the test is requested and may be added at a later stage by editing the profile. 

4) PAYMENT: Click the button to view the quote with the price and relevant medical aid tariff codes. To complete the test request press “Accept and Save Changes” indicated in the middle of the quote that will also be e-mailed to the patient.  

5) SPECIMEN COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT: Please click the button "Sample ready for collection" to arrange for sample pick-up or e-mail EDTA blood (purple top tube) can be used for all DNA tests or a test kit can be requested from the participating laboratory. All samples are transported at room temperature. 

The laboratory work is performed at facilities that are equipped to perform diagnostic testing of the highest standard, while interpretation of the results remains the responsibility of Clinicians and Medical Scientists involved in the test and report template development process.




Maritha Kotze 

From left to right: Caroline Daniels, Dr Corne Kruger, Prof Maritha Kotze and Prof Johann Schneider. Corne obtained his PhD on a study of clinical and genetic aspects of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  
Dr Corne Kruger's Website



GeneCare HealthnetTM     A network of registered healthcare practitioners applying pathology supported gene-based intervention in clinical practice.

After registration at this website HealthNet practitioners obtain their own password-protected web-domain for management of service requests and patient reports. All client information will be kept strictly confidential.


In addition to the integrated approach to disease risk management of multi-factorial diseases, Gknowmix also provides easy access to diagnostic services for single gene disorders through clinicians and registered genetic counsellors. 


For more information please contact Prof Maritha Kotze at the Tygerberg Academic Hospital, South Africa (Tel: +27 +21 9389324).

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