LM Point of Care

Pioneering BRCA1/2 point-of-care testing for Integration of germline and tumor genetics in breast cancer risk management

At the award ceremony of the Gauteng Accelerator Programme Innovation Competition on 24 February 2022 in Pretoria, intern medical scientist Lwando Mampunye was selected as one of the top three performers in the the Biosciences category. This unique programme assists scientist entrepreneurs to pursue commercially viable opportunities from their postgraduate studies, as in the case of Lwando. He was supervised by Dr Kathleen grant of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Prof Maritha Kotze of Stellenbosch University during his masters degree, and completed the HPCSA internship program at the National Health Laboratory Service and University of Cape Town, in June 2023.

All the Innovation Hub winners have access to seed funds to start their own companies, which resulted in the founding LM Point of Care (Pty) Ltd. by Lwando. The next step will be to conduct a pilot implementation program in collaboration with participating laboratories, medical schemes, clinicians and genetic counsellors. This is supported by his participation an an exhibitor rather than a scientist at the 2023 BIGOSA Breast Cancer Conference. At this event we introduced a new mobile phone app for obtaining online informed consent and collection of clinical information to combine with genotype data rapidly generated on a portable DNA testing instrument. Training of healthcare practitioners will be essential to ensure optimal incorporation of these novel technologies into the MammaPrint care pathway as shown in the poster below.

Poster presented at the Worldlab Medlab International congress in Rome, Italy in May 2023


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