When Do I Recommend It?

Wellness Genescreen(TM)

For individuals with features of the metabolic syndrome characterised by three or more of the following clinical conditions: central obesity, hypertension, glucose intolerance and dyslipidaemia.
This genetic service is an extension of standard health checks such as cholesterol and glucose testing. The aim is to determine the most likely cause of possible abnormal blood levels and at the same time identify genetic determinants of response to environmental exposures such as diet and use of medication that may also affect health outcomes in future. This information is summarised in a comprehensive report provided to guide risk reduction intervention from the genetic background.

Completion of the Medical History and Lifestyle Questionnaire when this test is requested or considered might furthermore highlight the presence of clinical conditions or metabolic indicators linked to the development of chronic disorders of lifestyle or a family history of a monogenic disease that may require further genetic counselling or testing. The Wellness GeneScreen may therefore be considered as a screening step to for extended clinical work-up or laboratory testing as appropriate. This may also include whole exome/genome sequencing as part of an ethically approved research project.